Friday, September 27, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's grandiloquence

Rahul Gandhi has at last spoken, and how magnificently! "The ordinance protecting the convicted politicians is nonsense. It is to be torn up and thrown away."

Why did the government ignore the young prince's views? Was it because the prime minister knew that Sonia Gandhi's views were different from Rahul's? Why is Soniaji silent?

Or, is Rahul reacting rather late? If so, why? Is it because he has started understanding nation's mood? Or, is he briefed about the ordinance only now? Is Subramanian Swamy justified in calling Rahul Gandhi a moron?

Has Pranab Mukherjee queered the pitch for the government by seeking clarifications?

Are the politicians playing out a big drama? Is it a ploy to minimise media coverage for the belligerent Modi? In the absence of good governance and transparency, we will never know the intentions of these sinister elements. 

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