Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apple's updated Operating System

True to its tradition, the unconventional Apple has named its latest updated operating system after yet another animal in the cat family. It is now OS X Leopard. Its predecessors were OS Cheetah, Puma,Jaguar, Panther and Tiger. Would Mac soon run out of cat names? Perhaps only Lynx remains now. But its similarity to Linux may cause an identity crisis.

Apple is also exposing itself to legal problems.When OS X Tiger was unleashed, Mac was dragged to court by Tiger Direct, an online retailer of computers, for infringement of its trademark. Tiger Direct claimed that its goodwill too suffered an erosion because OS Tiger caused a demotion in the ranking of Tiger Direct in search engines including Google. What a neat way to define goodwill! Accountants' proverbial search for goodwill definition and perhaps calculation ends in Googlesearch.

Who will sue Apple over OS X Leopard? How aboutLeopard, an Ogilvy company engaged in B2B Marketing and Communication?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Crusade against the Court

Attended a meeting addressed by Mr.Raja, Union Minister, Mr.Manoj Mitta, journalist, Ms.Brinda Karat and others on "The limits of judicial authority". Pitifully all were against the judiciary, particularly the recent fulmination of Justice Aggarwal on disregard for Court orders by TN State Government. If the government encourages closure of work, does it indicate anything other than breakdown of constitutional machinery? Should the Supreme Court be a silent spectator if politicians hold the state and its people to ransom? Aggarwal had carefully prefaced his observations with "in case the submission of the petitioner is true---". Karat's critique of "Basic Structure Doctrine" was as erroneous as it was irrelevant to the subject matter. It was as if she was addressing the politbureau. Manoj made some sense; unfortunately he was in a hurry to catch a flight.