Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grand Old Party's Grand Show

It is difficult to decide who should be appreciated more, Rahul Gandhi who demonstrates what is not leadership or his incorrigible acolytes for whom he is nothing but God in human form.

Rahul Gandhi's public dismissal of ordinance as nonsense that deserves to be torn up and thrown out reminds us of Rajiv Gandhi's public rebuke and transfer of Foreign Secretary, A.P.Venkateswaran. Inappropriate behaviour seems to run in families.

Shashi Tharoor says, "Rahul Gandhi speaking has given us a right to present our private opinion." That is, thus far his followers had no right to express their personal opinion. What a way to run the GOP! In fact, Shashi Tharoor is mistaken. Rahul has not endowed any such right to his followers.

It was very entertaining to see and hear worthies like Manish Tewari and Ajay Maken praising the ordinance and subsequently, after getting enlightened by Rahulji, shredding it to pieces. Greater versatility was never seen.

What will Manmohan Singh do now? He will thank Rahul Gandhi for his bold leadership and seek further lessons from him. India's destiny is in very able hands!

We have heard of masochists who enjoy pain and suffering. What do we call the likes of Manmohan Singh who enjoy insults to themselves?

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