Sunday, September 01, 2013

Congress' fortunes

The Congress party has played its cards smartly in relation to Food Security Bill and Land Bill. This will generate a lot of votes for the party in the ensuing general elections. There is a tense sense of disbelief in the BJP circles. They feel they are getting outsmarted unexpectedly. This explains why the BJP leaders met the President of India to 'advise' him to order early elections to the parliament.

In a way the BJP has played into the hands of Congress. Congress leaders have been asserting that elections will not be advanced. Now if they want early elections, they can use BJP's 'advice' as an excuse. Congress party may want to face the electors before one more major scam comes out in the open. If the Congress party feels there is no hope for improvement in the economy in the near future, early elections are a better alternative for it.

Government has been giving a lot of assurances on Fiscal Deficit, Current Account Deficit, growth etc. These assurances are unlikely to be kept up. Congress may not want to face the day of reckoning before the polls. Thus there are many factors working in favour of early elections.

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