Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prime Minister's Confession

"It is not proper for me to do anything". These memorable words uttered by our worthy prime minister explain why Manmohan Singh is a total abdicator.

This is what Singh told the reporters, according to PTI, when asked for his views on Law Minister's interference in the working of CBI.

Surprisingly, he also claimed he won't quit. Perhaps he forgot to add 'unless madamji asks me to go'.

Singh has ensured, intentionally or otherwise, that all our systems are fully compromised. Yet we assiduously assert that he is personally clean. How do we know?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston blasts: Lapses in American security

Prior to the tragic happenings in Boston, it was believed that the US had almost perfected the art of terror prevention on its soil. We now know how misleading that belief has been.

In early 2012, Russia had warned the US about possible terrorist leanings of one of the two Chechen brothers in Boston. It is reported that the famed FBI did a detailed check on the brother in question, interrogated him and gave him a clean chit. Subsequently FBI did not keep him under any watch.

Shouldn't some head roll in FBI for this costly mistake? Putin has done well to call up Obama on Boston bombings.

Why was America complacent?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Corruption in judiciary

Newspapers dated 21st April highlight incidence of corruption in judiciary.

Relatives of a former Chief Justice of India amassed wealth during his occupation of the highest judicial post in the country. Ofcourse everyone knows this already. It is unfortunate that no action is taken or even contemplated against him.

The other report refers to a judgement of the Madras High Court. An advocate had sought to get information on the number of complaints received by the Vigilance department between 2001 and 2010 against judicial officers in the subordinate judiciary. In January 2012, the Tamilnadu Informationn Commission directed the court's Registrar General to furnish this information. This order has now been set aside by the High Court.

Reasons? The High Court says, 1) If the information is provided, it will adversely impact the normal, regular and 'serene' functioning of the court on the administrative side, 2) the information sought pertains to the internal delicate functioning of the High Court and related to invasion of privacy of respective individuals, 3) the information asked for has no relationship to any public interest and 4) if the information is provided, it would open the floodgates to many more applications.

Is the High Court saying, "We have a sacred right to be corrupt; who are you to seek information?" 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is humanitarian?

Supreme Court has allowed Sanjay Dutt to delay getting into prison by four weeks on "humanitarian" grounds!

The word 'humanitarian' refers to promotion of human welfare or alleviation of human misery. Permitting Dutt to complete his shooting engagements by postponing his reentry into jail is certainly not a humanitarian act. This is a blatant misuse of court's discretion resulting in disgrace to justice. Supreme Court deserves better judges.

It used to be said that howsoever high you may be, the law is above you. That hallowed principle has been undone.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sanjay Dutt's plea for extra time

Sanjay Dutt is seeking extra time of six months before continuing his jail sentence. He wants to finish pending work relating to film shooting. Can Supreme Court accept his plea?

There is no human being at any point of time who can claim that nothing is pending with him. An actor has pending films. A cobbler has pending orders to be executed. An academic has books pending to be read.

Six months from now, SD will still have unfinished task. Can wheels of justice stop running?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Demonising democracy

 Time magazine quotes British Council's Next Generation Report to say that only 23% of youths interviewed in Pakistan believe democracy has been good for Pakistan.

32% felt military rule will be more effective, 38% advocated implementation of Shari'a and only 29% thought democracy is the way forward. Why are they disillusioned with democracy? It is obviously because of corrupt ways of Pakistani leaders.

Would Indian youth think differently? Perhaps not. Political leaders in India have tarnished the image of democracy beyond repair. Corruption is rampant. Judicial system is so dilatory that law-breakers are seldom punished. If the system is not streamlined early, the ordinary citizen may rationalise that it is imprudent to adhere to laws and be at a disadvantage.

Scott London

After posting the last message, I came across the following news item.
                                                                                        Scott London was a New York based Senior Partner in KPMG. He is only 50 years old now, but has already ruined his career by inappropriately sharing "insider information" with a jeweller friend of his.

The criminal case against him is said to be airtight.

London's lawyer says (according to the Guardian), "London just can't understand why he did it. It makes no sense".

Confronted with the opportunity to make money, even otherwise thoughtful professionals are apt to become unethical. Maybe they are taking what they assume to be a reasonable risk. For every crook who is caught, hundreds may be going "scot-free" (unintended pun).

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rajat Gupta's "Chasing Dark Nights"

When Eugene O'Kelly, CEO and Senior Partner of KPMG, was diagnosed with blood cancer and was told of his imminent death, he focussed his attention on a more spiritual and less mundane way of looking at life and came up with in immensely valuable book titled "Chasing Daylight". There is no wonder that readers of this book are eternally beholden to the author.

When King Parikshit was cursed that he would die in 7 days, he made the best use of the remaing week listening to Srimad Bagavatam. This incident motivates thousands of believers to study Srimad Bagavatam and thereby enrich their life.

When Rajat Gupta ultimately lands in prison, would he write down his rich experience including where he went wrong in a book that may be christened "Chasing Dark Nights"? That may well be the only way of cleansing his false steps.