Saturday, September 28, 2013

Joker or nonsense?

Rajiv Gandhi once said that members of the Planning Commission were a set of jokers. Manmohan Singh was the Deputy Chairman of PC at that time. Needless to add, Manmohan Singh swallowed the insult and did not respond.

Now, Rahul Gandhi has ridiculed Manmohan Singh's action in proposing an ordinance to protect the convicted lawmakers as nonsense. We can expect the prime minister to add this insult as an additional feather to his cap.

Whatever Manmohan Singh may be guilty of, one cannot accuse him of inconsistency. He would never react to what the Gandhi family says about him. He is beholden to them for generations for making him the prime minister. It is another matter that he chooses to act as a subprime minister.

Is he nonsensical or a joker? Or would you say both?

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