Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jairam Ramesh's discovery

Sometimes some qualities of a leader are so tactfully hidden from the hoi polloi that only some confidantes are privy to those extraordinary attributes. Jairam Ramesh wants us to believe (we do not know whether he believes) that Rahul Gandhi is a conceptual thinker.

“Mr. Gandhi’s style is different than Mr. Modi. He is low key...his style is more conceptual. Do not mistake his low key as reluctant style. He is doing things on ground,” Mr. Ramesh said.

Does the emperor have clothes? The most dismal truth about the Congress party is that everyone in this party feels obligated to make sycophantic prattles now and then. In the process these Congressmen denigrate the party more than the opposition can ever do.

In case the Congress party loses the impending elections, the ministers can only blame themselves for coming up with atrocious remarks that insult the intelligence of the aam aadmi. BJP which is a house divided against itself is only hoping that the public will continue to be entertained and nauseated by such puerile untruths.

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