Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chidambaram's joke on Governance

Today is Saturday. It is not surprising therefore that India's Finance Minister (I must mention "India's" because otherwise one may mistake he is Sivaganga's Finance Minister) Mr.Chidambaram is in Sivaganga and very likely opening some branch of a public sector bank. He is celebrating his birth day in a couple of days. We wish him well.

He has today commented that there are two kinds of governance and that UPA stands for long-term governance. The other type, according to him, only tries to create divisions among people!

“There are two types of governance. While we are peacefully implementing far sighted and forward looking schemes that will benefit the future generations there is another type which sows hatred and divides the people. They support one group of people, and try to suppress others,” he said without mentioning name of any party or person.

We have reached a stage where UPA has started talking about Governance. George Orwell would be proud.

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