Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Greenspan's mumbo jumbo

How much is Alan Greenspan's mumbo jumbo worth?

Penguin has agreed to pay $8.5 million for his memoirs.He says," I do not intend to dwell on personality aberrations, except as they affect policy decision-making - which, of course, always involves personalities" .This is probably the least confusing statement ever by Greenspan.Alas!One has to wait till next year before the book is published.

Majesty of the Courts

Following observation of the Supreme Court comes not a day too soon:

"Courts are not tape recording machines. They have to play a participatory role. People have started feeling that criminal trials are like cobwebs where small flies are getting caught and big people are dashing through. Courts have an over-riding duty to maintain public confidence and uphold the majesty of courts. The interest of society is not to be treated with disdain. The duty of the court is to uphold the majesty of law".

Stability of any society depends on the reliability of its judicial system.