Saturday, June 21, 2008

Misunderestimated President

During a recent visit to England, George W. Bush warned that he would soon start writing a book. Covertly, he did interview a few ghostwriters and historians. None of the ghostwriters could come up with even a single statement that came upto his standards. Predictably, the historians were incapable of twisting and turning the past enough to capture Bush's contribution. So, Bush has decided not to seek anyone's help. He is on his own.

I was lucky to be offered a preview of opening chapters of his "bioautography". He starts with a typical challenge to his detractors: "I want the enemies of our country who think they are capable of destroying USA to know that I am even more capable of that". I am permitted to share a few more glimpses:

"Was I ever against African Americans? Never. I am proud of my successor. I thank the African state of India for gifting the Obama family to America".

"Sonia Singh, the Prime-President of India was always a well-wisher of America. It is a pity (s)he could not sign the ABC agreement and take the nucular proliferation forward".

"Will I invade Iraq again? Certainly. Our enemy is becoming stronger with every invasion".

"What is my advice to American childrens? They should do what I did and also what I did not do and I repeat, both".