Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shashi Tharoor's fulmination

As the following tweets reveal, Shashi Tharoor is convinced that the TimesNow reporter was drunk. How is he so sure? Is it that if the sybarite is questioned on strong suspicion, the questioner should be dismissed as intoxicated? Tharoor, thanks for admitting that you are human. We thought you are divine! It is not a human quality to brush aside the death of one's spouse in mysterious circumstances as normal, to cremate the body (to destroy evidence?) with inexplicable celerity, to coach the witnesses to lie, to go about dating ladies from foreign countries including those from hostile nations even when functioning as a minister thus jeopardising India's security, to have an ugly spat with one's spouse in a flight and hack into spouse's mobile / twitter handle and misinform the public that everything in the relationship is normal etc. Tharoor also had the super-human ability to influence his in-laws to assert that nothing was amiss about Sunanda Pushkar's cruel murder!

Has Tharoor filed an FIR against the so-called vandals who smashed his office gate and broke windows? Or, has he stage-managed all these to gain sympathy? Has the facile actor, a duplicitous philanderer,  overplayed his cards?

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