Monday, May 11, 2015

"Live and let live" judiciary

In September, 2014, a special court in Bangalore sentenced Jayalalithaa to four years of rigorous imprisonment and levied a fine of Rs.100 crore. The Hindu claimed  'Despite the protracted and tortuous course that the legal process took in this case, justice seems to have been finally done.' 

In May 2015, the Karnataka High Court upholds Jayalalithaa's appeal against the judgement of the special court. Evidence is the same. Two judges reach diametrically opposite conclusions. Judges are human and therefore are pliable. Judgements depend on prejudices, ideological / political predilections and, sad to add, venality of judges. It is no wonder that the common man has lost confidence in the judiciary as a bulwark of justice.

Only one thing is clear. A poor unfortunate person is a victim of judicial vagaries whereas the rich can exploit the same vagaries till they get relief. Salman Khan and Jayalalithaa will be protected by the court whatever be their infraction; the poor will be punished even if they are law-compliant. Indian judiciary has been captured by the rich and the powerful.

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