Sunday, May 31, 2015

IIT-M's derecognition of APSC

I found it difficult to take a view on the recent happenings in IIT-Madras till I came across the following report in Times of India:

"Author Arundhati Roy sent an email to APSC - the banned student group, expressing her support. "You have my unhesitating support. You have touched a nerve — what you are saying and seeing ie: that casteism and corporate capitalism go hand in hand is the last thing the authorities and the government want to hear. Because they know that you are right. It is the most dangerous thing for them to hear right now," she wrote. "

It is clear that social saboteurs of different hues are joining hands to create havoc in an institution known for creditable academic performance. 

A report in The Hindu says, "NCSC Chairman P.L. Punia on Sunday said that a notice has been issued to IIT-M and a reply has been sought.
“I have issued a notice to the institute and sought its reply after taking note of the incident myself. We will take action in this regard,” Mr. Punia said, adding, “Youngsters must get freedom of speech on campuses. Imposing bans thus is like suppressing their voices. This is completely wrong.” "
M.L.Punia is an MP in the Rajya Sabha representing the Congress party. If politicians are appointed as chiefs of Commissions, one can expect them to politicise every issue.

Added on 1st June:

Following link is an enabler for a meaningful analysis of the issue under discussion:

Added on 2nd June:

Pratap Bhanu Mehta's views carried in The Indian Express:

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