Monday, May 18, 2015

Chaos in Delhi

Recent developments in administration of Delhi are both tragic and hilarious. The ping-pong of verbal fusillade between the Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Minister can only be compared with churlishness of children or bellicosity between warring nations.

Arvind Kejriwal delights in anarchic situations. A typical megalomaniac, he seems to believe that he is the only honest leader and his is the only honest political party (ofcourse save Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav). The situations he creates will probably be used as excuses for non-performance. His antics are short-sighted and adverse to societal welfare. Condemning all industrialists as scheming marauders is bad politics and worse economics. Certainly, Delhi deserves better.

It is time for judiciary to intervene and hold perpetrators of unconstitutional acts (whether it is the LG or the CM) accountable. This is , no doubt, only a pious wish because the judiciary has its own foibles to set right. No constitutional post will have immunity from legal action if its methods are ultra-vires the Constitution. Administration is not the proper forum for entertainment or settlement of scores. Anyone acting unconstitutionally should be barred from executive, legislative or gubernatorial posts for life.

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