Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Faith in God

The Hindu reports:

"Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P. Chidambaram has congratulated AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on becoming Chief Minister for the fifth term.

He, however, took a dig at the series of yagams, padayatras and processions organised by the partymen for the past six months praying her return. “This has lessened my belief in God,’ he said."

Why should this reduce his belief in God? One's faith / belief in God cannot be dependent on what others do or do not do. Chidambaram may think that one should not pray for material success though I do not think that he is so spiritually evolved. He may be of the view that God should not have granted such prayers. Who is he to decide what God must do? Or, he may just be having a dig at what he thinks is superstitious. An agnostic may say that even belief in God is superstitious. Whichever way one analyses Chidambaram's comment, one's confidence in Chidambaram's logic is reduced.

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