Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Self-appointed liars and scum"

Shashi Tharoor claims that he will speak to the police and not to "self-appointed liars and scum". He was visibly furious when he lashed out at a TimesNow reporter. He has since clarified that his reference was only to a 'scummy channel' and not the entire media. Yes, if someone asks a relevant question, he is a liar and a scum.

Incidentally, no one appoints oneself in a negative way, as a liar or scum. It is very rare for Tharoor to make an obvious mistake as this. One may call Tharoor a self-appointed Mr.Innocent and not a self-appointed Mr.Guilty. Knowing the dilatoriness associated with our criminal justice system and confident that his connections will help to hide his unforgivable guilt, Tharoor generally maintains his cool. He claims that he cracked after a long-distance flight.

All known circumstances point towards Tharoor's involvement in Sunanda Pushkar's murder. Delhi police should have demanded his custodial interrogation a long time ago. If the nefarious Casanova goes scot-free despite the heinousness of his crime, it will be one more blot on the Delhi police.

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