Friday, October 03, 2014

Supreme Court, Al Gore and Jayalalithaa's conviction

The Special Judge, John Michael Cunha has quoted the Supreme Court and Al Gore while finding Jayalalithaa guilty:

"Regarding corruption, the Hon’ble Supreme Court
in the case of Niranjan Hemachal Sashittal vs. State of
Maharashtra, 2013 (4) S.C.C. 642 has held as under:

“It can be stated without any fear of
contradiction that, corruption is not be judged by
degree, for corruption mothers disorder, destroys
societal will to progress, accelerates undeserved
ambitions, kills the conscience, jettisons the
glory of institutions, parayses the economic
health of a country, corrodes the sence of civility
and mars the marrows of the Governance”.

Al Gore, in his book “Assault on Reason” (Paper
Book Edition 2013, pages 72, 73) writes:

“If political and economic freedoms have been
siblings in the history of liberty, it is incestuous
coupling of wealth and power that poses the
dreadliest threat to democracy. If wealth could
be easily exchanged for power, then, the
concentration of either could double the
corrupting potential of both. Freedoms helix then
spirals downward toward unhealthy
combinations of concentrated political and
economic power”.

Heady Mix of power and Wealth is the bottom line
of this case. Huge accumulation of wealth by accused
in a short span of five years is a telling example of how
power would lead to concentration of unlawful wealth
posing veritable danger to democratic structure. "

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