Friday, October 17, 2014

Strange justice

Karnataka High Court refused to entertain the bail applications of Jayalalithaa et al keeping in view an earlier observation of the Supreme Court that corruption amounts to violation of human rights. The Supreme Court in its superior wisdom has chosen to ignore its own pronouncements and ordered bail for the four convicts.

Since all four have been granted bail, there are no special considerations like health conditions, gender, age etc. In case such treatment is not extended to various other convicts who have appealed or are in the process of appealing against their convictions, judiciary will be guilty of discrimination.

We have reached a piquant situation where every convict can remain out of jail till the Supreme Court disposes of their appeals. There is only one caveat. Can all these convicts (of whom some are innocent) afford the cost of dilatory and expensive litigation?

So there is bound to be one course of justice to those who can afford to pay the likes of Ram Jethmalani and Fali Nariman and another course for those who cannot. Nothing can be a more offensive travesty of justice.

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