Sunday, October 19, 2014

BJP's volte-face on black money

It is shocking that Modi's government has adopted the UPA's argument regarding divulging details of black money stashed abroad. This amounts to going back on an assurance given to the public on the basis of which NDA came back to power.

BJP, hailed as a party with a difference, is only a carbon copy of the Congress party. As time rolls on, we are likely to witness scams and scandals reminiscent of UPA days. The Modi magic also has a shelf-life.

Modi's decision to continue the ailing Arun Jaitley as the cabinet minister in charge of two crucial ministries is not reflective of good governance. This is not to underestimate Jaitley's capacity or credibility both of which are high. Even a healthy person will find the combined demands of two crucial ministries to be taxing. Modi seems to be trading off principled politics for pragmatic economics. He was not voted to power for making this dubious choice.

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Anonymous said...

Arun Jaitley has since clarified the correct position. Don't equate BJP with Congress so hastily.