Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Black Money kept abroad

The list of Indians who are holding bank accounts  in foreign countries is becoming curiouser by the day. On 28th October, the Supreme Court hollered that the government should give the list to the court positively on 29th. The Finance Minister in a fit of bravado claimed that the government had already handed over the list to SIT which is monitored by the Supreme Court itself. Following questions arise:

1) Why could the court not obtain the list from SIT itself?

2) If the names had already been shared with the SIT, why did the government hesitate to share it with the Court?

Who is fooling whom? When the list was handed over to the court in a sealed cover on 29th October, the court did not even open the cover and chose to hand it over to SIT for necessary action !

Arun Jaitley had claimed that some names in the list would embarrass the Congress party. P.Chidambaram in a show of self-declared righteousness says that he neither asked the officials to show him the list nor was he shown, when he was the Finance Minister. Is this a sign of integrity, abdication or histrionics? Only time will tell.

In the meanwhile, the irrepressible Subramanian Swamy is confident that the Gandhis figure in the list.

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