Friday, October 10, 2014

Sunanda Pushkar's death : Emerging picture

Details emerge over time. Cover-ups and obfuscations give way to evidence and clarity. But the process may take an excruciatingly long time. In the mean time, the main actors may even have died. The mystery relating to Sunanda Pushkar's unnatural death (it would have been called a gruesome murder but for the high-profile minister's involvement) is undergoing such a meandering process.

Had she been married to a commoner, such a nasty event would not have occurred. If it had happened, the cruel inhuman husband would have been arrested straightaway. But ministers seem to be immune from criminal investigations for spousal cruelty and uxoricide.

Sunanda Pushkar's relatives are now beginning to gather strength to speak the truth. Her cousin, Ashok Kumar, has voiced the most sensible and straightforward concern about the husband's obvious involvement. He has attributed Sunanda's son Shiv's so-called clean-chit to the minister to mortal fear.

The needle of suspicion matter-of-factly has right from the beginning pointed to one person and he has been allowed so far to walk free, travel abroad and curry favour with the new ruling establishment for ten months. Yet, the law continues to be otiose. National Commission for Women and various women's organisations should hang their heads in shame for letting down a murdered woman so shabbily.


Anonymous said...

Sunanda Pushkar had lots of assests in a Gulf based country. How did she acquire them ??what was the economic activity she pursued earlier to her marrying ST ??. On the flight to TVM she & her husband had a tiff & she locked herself in the Toilet of the Aircraft & had to be called out. Did they DUO carry any contraband from & to India ?? Was the fight & the subsequent unnatural death due to some difficulties wrt sharing the spoils??

K.R.Srivarahan said...

Dear Anonymous,

The only person who knows the answers to these and many other troubling questions prefers to keep the facts to himself.