Sunday, March 23, 2014

What do they mean?

I heard the following today: (23rd March)

1) Sushil Kumar Shinde: "Waqas is a good catch". ( Being election season, I thought at last one political leader has crossed over to Congress. I was disappointed to know that Waqas is after all an overt terrorist who was caught by the police today.)

2) G.R.Gopinath: "I decided not to contest the elections because I want to continue doing something useful like creating jobs". What a tribute to politics! Persons whose presence in politics will be worthwhile become disenchanted with it very fast.

3) Shashi Tharoor (in The Right to be Heard programme of Headlines Today channel): "I belong to the middle class." I never knew that a person full of contempt for economy class ('cattle class') travel and who cannot stay anywhere other than a seven-star hotel can yet represent middle class. His disclosed assets (in election papers) amount to Rs.23 crore. This amount is exclusive of whatever asset has accrued to him after his wife's controversial demise.

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