Thursday, March 06, 2014

Unadulterated misgovernance

The central government is unashamedly indulging in unending acts of misgovernance. Scams and acts of corruption are a dime a dozen. Illegitimacy has become the norm. Rules of governance have been thrown to the winds with gleeful abandon. Though there are many instances, two recent events stand out for their egregiousness.

Sheila Dikshit has been appointed Governor of Kerala. There are complaints of corruption against her. In order to save her from criminal proceedings, she is made the Governor. This sends out a clear message that persons with influence in the ruling dispensation can commit unlawful acts without fear of punishment.

Lokpal is more or less a non-starter. The selection committee was formed without any sincere attempt for consensus. A search committee is sought to be appointed whose function will only be to endorse the choice made by DOPT or to make a meaningful recommendation which will be rejected by the selection committee. If Justice K.T.Thomas and Fali Nariman have refused to be part of the search committee, unfairness of government's approach is all too obvious.

One hesitates to commit an unprincipled act for the first time. Once the unprincipled act is done, the Rubicon is crossed. Then unscrupulous behaviour becomes a habit. This is what has happened to the Government of India. We should henceforth be surprised if anything is done lawfully and ethically. The most noteworthy contribution of the Manmohan Singh government is the systematic destruction of the country's moral edifice. We have reached a situation where any wrong doing by any future government will be sought to be justified by a precedent set in the recent past. Thank you, Manmohan Singh.

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