Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CBI's duplicity and Jairam Ramesh's ire

Jairam Ramesh has done himself proud by expressing his indignation over CBI's ham-handed approach in its investigation in the issue relating to MCX - SX.  CBI, for reasons inexplicable, has taken up a preliminary enquiry (PE) against two of the most scrupulous civil servants India has ever seen.

C.B.Bhave and K.M.Abraham have been the nemeses of many rent-seekers in our business world. The unscrupulous folks have been waiting for a chance to get back at them. It is well known that President Pranab Mukherjee was not pleased with Abraham's uncompromised approach towards Sahara and others when he was the Finance Minister. Bhave stood by Abraham.

Many retired civil servants have criticised CBI for its duplicity. Jairam Ramesh has been more forthcoming; it is praiseworthy that he has not allowed his ministerial inhibitions to prevent his plain speaking.

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