Thursday, March 13, 2014

Salman Khurshid, the madcap

Here is a report that has appeared in The Hindustan Times:

"External affairs minister Salman Khurshid has slammed the Supreme Court and the Election Commission saying they direct political parties and parliamentarians to a great extent.
Khurshid made the comment during an event in London.
He said directions issued by the EC can only ensure that a party loses an election rather that win it.
"They are only three and they can decide which word you can use during election campaign. The broad philosophical approach is that you should do and say nothing that wins you an election, you should try your best to lose election," Khurshid was quoted as saying by CNN-IBN.
Khurshid also commented on Supreme Court judges and said should stop directing parliamentarians and need to get their act together, according to the news channel.

"Judges sit and they say this is not to happen and of course go to the extent of threatening contempt proceedings against officials. Two judges can say anything about parliamentarians that they will be allowed to contest or not, what kind of affidavit they have to file, what they can do and so on," he said"

It is a national disgrace that this perverted politician is our minister for foreign affairs. Imagine he was earlier our law minister. No, he was not drunk while he prattled the above in London. He was his normal self.
It is likely that the dishonourable minister will soon deny having made these atrocious remarks.
Note: "Rules of Indian democracy" was posted before I saw the HT report. SK has hastened to prove me right.

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