Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charges against Prime Minister

Prashant Bhushan has alleged, mostly based on reports of others including the CAG that some members of the Union Cabinet including the prime minister are prima facie corrupt. He has also criticised the recurring tendency of the government and ruling parties to use Manmohan Singh as a Shikandi to deflect criticism.

Calling Manmohan as Shikandi has attracted widespread criticism. But the comparison seems to be apt. Shikandi was used as a shield by Arjuna to escape from Bhishma's fury. (That Shikandi's gender was ambiguous is beside the point. Manmohan's integrity is equally ambiguous if we pay attention to the misdeeds of ministers protected by him till the very end of such ministers.)

Manmohan's emotional response that he will quit public life if charges against are proved borders on misdirecting bravado. If corruption charges are proved, law will take its own course. Unfortunately, law is not allowed to take its own course to facilitate proof or otherwise of the charges. Will there be an independent enquiry? Obviously no.

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