Saturday, June 09, 2012

Anna vs PMO

Anna Hazare wanted investigation of alleged corrupt activities by various ministers by independent retired supreme court judges. Prime minister's office has countered that baseless allegations do not warrant investigation. Narayanasamy, the minister in PMO, has stated in his typical style "Persons in (sic) and around Anna are anti-national". So there is zero corruption in the central cabinet. The minister is modest. Otherwise he would have thundered there is no corruption in the entire country. Is it possible to come across anyone living in a state of greater denial?

Of course, the ministers are smart enough to know what is happening and smarter enough to make hay. They know they need not mend their corrupt ways because their leader will never act against them.

Updated on 11th June: Salman Kurshid has said that Anna and his team members have no right to ask questions of the government ! It is unbelievable that a knowledgable Law Minister is saying this. Sometimes even dictators permit questions to be asked of them. SK's behaviour during the U.P.elections and his continuing irrational utterances eminently disqualify him from continuing as a minister.

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