Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comical Congress

One may not support the Congress party politically. However, for its sense of humour the party deserves 100% marks.

The party has opposed P.A.Sangma's candidature for presidency since "he does not have the ethical stature required for the post". How can he match Pratibha Patel's ethical stature? Has he committed any fraud in any cooperative bank? Was his spouse ever involved in a murder case? Did he ever try to own the land belonging to the armed forces? Is he capable of lavish spending on foreign tours including a swarm of relatives and service personnel? Is he in the good books of Sonia Gandhi? How can he even think of occupying the Rashtrapathi Bhawan?

Manmohan Singh has acknowledged that the country is facing economic problems. He has gone one step further and discovered that "Life will not be interesting without problems"! I hope he does not want to make our life more interesting.

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