Sunday, May 27, 2012

Corruption: Need for suo moto action by Supreme Court

Corruption has reached a crescendo in India. Political corruption is at its zenith. Political parties keep accusing one another of Himalayan scale corruption with a view to deflecting the charges against themselves. Blame whatever you will : our proverbial tolerance for any kind of misdemeanour, the humongous cost of our elections or labyrinthine and slow-moving judicial system; the consequence is undeniable. We are corrupting every part of our social system and setting a very bad example for the future generations.

How long can this misanthropic misadventure go on? Who will bell the cat? Some tireless do-gooders keep filing petitions against the corrupt ministers who are only too adept in subverting the judicial process. It is incumbent on the Supreme Court to save the nation by taking suo moto notice of this cancerous phenomenon, appoint a committee of honest people (before this fast-disappearing species actually vanishes) and bring to justice atleast some leaders fast enough to check the virulent social malady.

The government will be careful enough not to let honest people become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or chief of armed forces in future. It is now or never for the highest court of the land to save us.

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