Saturday, May 19, 2012

More on J P Morgan Chase

Governance Metrics International (GMI) rates companies worldwide in two ways. One rating is called ESG Rating covering environmental, social and governance issues. The other rating is AGR Rating incorporating accounting and governance risks. GMI has rated J P Morgan Chase under 'F' for ESG Rating and 'Very Aggressive' for AGR Rating. GMI rates 4200 companies under ESG Rating and more than 18000 companies under AGR Rating.

The percentile scores are as under:

ESG Rating                                     Percentile Score

A (Superior)                                         96 - 100

B (Above Average)                            76 - 95

C (Average)                                         26 - 75

D (Below Average)                              6 - 25

F (Failing)                                              1 - 5

AGR Rating                                 Percentile Score

Conservative                                       86 - 100

Average                                               36 - 85

Aggressive                                         11 - 35

Very Aggressive                                  1 - 10

Evidently, GMI has had a creditable understanding of JP Morgan Chase especially when rest of the world was awe-struck and dumb-founded by JPM's "brilliance".

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