Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel for Obama

President Obama has reacted with grace to the award of Nobel peace prize for him. "I don't deserve it, but I accept it as a call to action". No one needs to teach Obama what to say. If there ia a prize for articulation, he would win hands down.
Does he really deserve the Nobel so soon and that too before he hopefully starts delivering on his words? Opinions may differ, but there is unanimity on one thing. It is that he owes the prize to George W.Bush. His predecessor has made his job very simple. He has only to undo whatever Mr.Bush did and do whatever the latter had left undone. I wonder if Obama has conveyed his thanks to George W.
The Nobel Committee has acted smartly in incentivising the American president to continue to abstain from bellicosity that the world has come to associate with Uncle Sam.

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