Sunday, October 04, 2009

Air India's novel in-flight entertainment

100-odd passengers of IC 884 , Air India's Sharjah - Lucknow -Delhi flight were treated to a special entertainment yesterday when the flight was in Pakistan air space. Pilots and steward(ess) exchanged blows in front of all passengers. Passengers were unnecessarily startled sivce they did not realise that it was a new marketing ploy of Air India. Unexpected entertainment is more entertaining than scheduled ones.
Reasons for the slugfest ('scuffle' according to Air India) are too crass to be mentioned here. When this unprecedented entertainment was on, the cockpit remained unmanned ! Aviation experts say that the air travel was least risky during the time the cockpit was not manned.
The pilot had threatened to land in Pakistan. This threat brought the entertainment to an abrupt end. Had the aircraft landed in Pakistan, the co-pilot would have been subjected to Sharia jurisprudence and would have been castrated straightaway.
P.S.: The fare for IC 884 is being doubled forthwith.

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