Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dealing with governance issues

That we have an unhealthy way of dealing with issues of governance is made obvious almost every day.
1) A single judge of the Delhi High Court had earlier held that information on assets declared by Supreme Court judges in the possession of the Chief Justice of India comes within the ambit of the Right to Information Act. This decision was universally applauded. Now the Supreme Court Information Officer will file an appeal before a Division Bench of the High Court against this prudent decision.
2) Central Bureau of Investigation has filed an application in a trial court seeking permission to withdraw prosecution against the Italian businessman , Quattrocchi. CBI has once again come under political compulsion.
3) The unedifying corruption allegations against Justice Dinakaran are allowed to fester by Supreme Court's delay in taking a decision. In the meantime, the Forum for Judicial Accountability has sent its third petition to the CJI giving details of the alleged purchase of property by the judge in different parts of Tamil Nadu.

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