Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jairam Ramesh's suggestions

Media reports indicate that Jairam Ramesh has written 'confidentially' to the prime minister seeking a change in our policy on climate change. He says that critics are distorting the contents of his letter. As the full text of his letter is not yet available, it is difficult to comment on distortions, if any. However, certain suggestions which have been revealed are interesting. The minister is supposed to have written, "India's interests and India's interests alone should drive our negotiations.India must be seen as pragmatic and constructive, not argumentative and political. -------- India must listen more and speak less in negotiations, or else be treated with disfavour and derision by the developing countries." Very sane advice indeed. One may add,"As a country we need to be more articulate and less argumentative, more bold and less belligerent, more candid and less cacophonous and more disciplined and less dogmatic."

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