Saturday, June 13, 2009

The seven rules of Wall Street

"The Seven Rules of Wall Street : Crash-tested investment strategies that beat the Market" is a readable thin book written by Sam Stovall and published in January 2009. The author is the Chief Investment Strategist at Standard and Poor's Equity Research. The stated rules are:
1) Let your winners ride, cut your losers short.
2) As goes January, so goes the year.
3) Sell in May, and then walk away.
4) Buy Straw Hats in winter and Overcoats in summer.
5) Don't fight the Fed.
6) Don't get mad--get even.
7) There is always a bull market someplace.

There are many one-liners about Wall Street. Most of them are words of wisdom, but not always true. The following are some more crisp statements:

Don't fight the tape.
If you are going to panic, panic early.
A stock and a company are not always the same thing. (A stock sometimes represents the company and sometimes represents what the company is not; wisdom lies in knowing what is when.)
A bull market is born amid pessimism, grows up under scepticism, matures with optimism and crashes with euphoria.

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