Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saranagati and Thirukkural

Saranagati is an article of faith among worshippers of Vishnu. It refers to complete and unconditional surrender to the Almighty which alone will see us through ups and downs of life and will enable us to reach His abode and be there for ever. Saranagati signifies surrender of man's ego and worship of the Almighty's holy feet.

Sage Thiruvalluvar in seven couplets out of the first ten in his magnum opus 'Thirukkural' talks about the desideratum of total surrender to Him and in particular obeisance to His holy feet.
Couplets 2,3,4,7,8,9 and 10 are unequivocal in their stress on complete surrender at His holy feet.

2) What is the purpose of education if we do not pray at the feet of the all-knowing Almighty?
3) He who contemplates on the Holy feet of the Almighty will be immortal in the holiest place.
4) He who surrenders to the holy feet of the Almighty who is sans deire and hate will have no suffering ever.
7) He alone will be rid of agony who surrenders at the holy feet of the peerless Almighty.
8) Except those who have surrendered at the holy feet of the Almighty , others cannot triumph over the trials and tribulations of material world.
9) Faculties of those who have not surrendered to the holy feet of the Almighty who personifies goodness and purity are as good as non-existing.
10) Only those who have surrendered to the holy feet of the Almighty will cross the ocean of births and deaths ('samsara').

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