Friday, June 05, 2009

Peace in Sri Lanka

Here is an interesting excerpt from The Economist dt.30th May:
"On May 25th the UN Human Rights Council convened a special session on Sri Lanka following a request submitted by Germany on behalf of 17 mostly European countries. Its members proceeded to vote down a proposed resolution decrying the Sri Lankan government's disregard for civilian life. But another draft resolution tabled by the Sri Lankan government itself, praising its own commitment to human rights, was passed by a vote of 29 to 16. Its motley crew of supporters included China, Cuba, India, Russia, Pakistan and Egypt."
It is good that the violence in Sri Lanka has come to an end. The Sri Lankan government was forced to adopt tough measures to counter the villainy of LTTE. But it is a travesty of truth to say that the government was committed to human rights. Commitment of China, Russia and Pakistan to human rights is well known ! India's support to the resolution is intriguing. India perhaps was trying to prevent further beachheads to China in Sri Lanka. But China is too shrewd a diplomatic player to be secondguessed by bumbling India.

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Anonymous said...

Brahma Chellaney's article in The Economic Times of 8th June goes a step further and argues that China aided Sri Lanka bloodbath. Chinese engineers are building a billion-dollar port on Sri Lanka's southeast at Hambantota.Now that the country is peaceful, Sri Lanka is likely to become a hospitable outsourcing centre giving India the creeps.China + Sri Lanka will keep needling India.