Friday, June 09, 2017

Theresa May and Narendra Modi

Theresa May seems to have bungled in calling elections early. Her blunder regarding 'dementia tax' has cost her heavily. Perhaps, she could not have foreseen all this.

There are interesting parallels between May and Modi. Both rely heavily on a small set of advisers. Both keep an uneasy distance from their party leaders and parliamentarians. Even while conducting meetings with legislators, these two leaders do not get too close to their party men. Modi gets physically closer only with foreign leaders. This aspect of Modi has started attracting media attention. May and Modi are right of centre economically.

There is one stark difference though. Modi relishes addressing humongously large gatherings which is not May's cup of tea.

Modi excels when in crisis. His handling of repercussions of demonetisation is still fresh in our memory. Will Theresa May excel similarly now that her party has lost majority and Brexit negotiations are round the corner?

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