Monday, June 19, 2017

Ram Nath Kovind

Barring unforeseen events, Mr.Ram Nath Kovind will be our next President. Little known outside BJP (in fact, little known in BJP also), he is presently the Governor of Bihar. A non-controversial politician (oxymoronish?), he was a member of Rajya Sabha for twelve years.

He was practising law in Delhi. He dutifully handled cases of the marginalised sections. Obviously, he is not greedy for money. He is a dalit and he continues to evince interest in the welfare of dalits unlike many dalit leaders who care little for other dalits once they become rich and powerful.

It is evident that Kovind is not in any way unfit to be our President. BJP and Modi could of course have chosen a better candidate. But, politics being what it is today, we ought to be happy that they have not selected a worse candidate. He will be the second dalit to be our President. K.R.Narayanan was the first. KRN and  RNK share an interesting anagrammatic relationship.

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