Monday, June 05, 2017

Evolution of a WhatsApper

It seems impossible today to live without WhatsApp facility. All users of WhatsApp are not alike in the way they use this facility.

Any WhatsApp user evolves over a period of time. Following stages of evolution are noteworthy.

Stage 1: When we are initiated into WhatsApp usage, we only read others' postings on WhatsApp. We do not dare to start posting rightaway.

Stage 2: Once we develop a taste for this facility, we begin to post information and our views. Frequency of postings increases as we become more addicted.

Stage 3: Then we reach a situation when we stop reading postings of others. Instead we forward postings in other groups in our group without knowing or caring to know who was the author in the first place.

Stage 4: We have now graduated to a level wherein we are not expected to read any postings. We end up forwarding others' postings in the same group. Now users in Stage 1 start wondering how they are coming across the same message again and again.

Stage 5: When our evolution is complete, we start forwarding the messages we had earlier forwarded in the same group.

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akji said...

Nicely said in ur own way