Monday, June 26, 2017

Meira Kumar and Pratibha Patil

I was wondering how Sonia Gandhi who infamously was responsible for making fraudulent Pratibha Patil as President could have become wise enough to nominate Meira Kumar for Presidency.

My astonishment was short-lived. My assumption that Meira Kumar is a clean politician has been proved wrong. She is reported to have fraudulently converted a government bungalow into a memorial for her father, Jagjivan Ram. She surreptitiously got her rental arrears to the extent of Rs.1.97 crore waived.

The NDA government for political reasons is turning a blind eye to all this. Now I am not surprised that Soniaji chose to nominate Meira Kumar. Sonia is consistent in supporting the embezzlers. I am sure that if Ram Nath Kovind has any fraudulent credentials, he will also gain Sonia's support.

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akji said...

The point is one SC candidate can be pitted against another SC. Her father said that he has forgotten about his IT arrears.