Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sasikala's supreme sacrifice

It is easy to say that Sasikala expedited Jayalalithaa's death in order to misappropriate her wealth. Only she knows that it was only to ensure that JJ would not be jailed again. Sasikala recently disclosed a secret much against her own wishes. When JJ was pushed out of MGR's hearse, it was Sasikala who physically caught her so that she would not fall down. There are so many other secrets which go to prove Sasikala's great qualities.

Supreme Court refers to 'conspiracy' among JJ, Sasikala and the latter's relatives. It was not conspiracy. It was actually 'satsangh'. Though JJ and Sasikala were not relatives, they stayed together in Poes Garden only to ensure that they would together constantly be engaged in Mammon-worship. Did not Mahatma Gandhi say 'Work is Worship' ? Similarly, worship is work.

Sasikala has always borne the cross for JJ. She knew that if the chief minister had properties in her own name, it would become easy for the unknowing public to accuse JJ of corruption. So, she made JJ transfer her properties in her (Sasikala's) favour. Can one think of a more sublime sacrifice?

Sasikala always cares for state's interests. That is the reason why she wanted SC to give her four weeks time to go to prison. She wanted to bring back stability to state politics. But SC  has treated her just like a criminal and declined her reasonable request without understanding that she was pleading for state and not for herself.

However, Sasikala will not give up her struggle to serve the state through her party. She has wasted no time in making TTV Dinakaran, her nephew, the Deputy General Secretary of AIADMK. When JJ sacked him from the party because of his criminal activities, Sasikala did not interfere at all. In the changed circumstances, she is ready to do even what she would not have done if JJ were around. All this is done only for the welfare of the party and greater welfare of the state. If this incidentally suits her interest, we must not misinterpret the action as if it is motivated by self-interest. She is too broadminded to treat herself as different from the party or the state.

Venkatesan is another relative of Sasikala who was banished from the party for the innocent mistake of indulging in criminal activity. Sasikala knows when to empower him. She very well knows that the interests of the party and therefore the state are too sacrosanct to be left at the mercy of non-relatives. Let us not misread this as nepotism and trivialise her noble instincts.

She does not trust non-relatives not because she is paranoid. None of the non-relatives have proved themselves to be worthy of her trust. In the meanwhile, Natarajan , Sasikala's spouse, has verified all medical records of JJ and has secured the needed corrections at Apollo Hospital. He is fit to be discharged from the hospital where he was earlier admitted for breathing trouble.



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Subha Sanjeev said...

The Supreme Court has dismissed a plea of jailed AIADMK leader V K Sasikala seeking review of its verdict convicting and sentencing her to a four-year jail term in a disproportionate assets case.

The apex court also rejected her plea for an open court hearing of the review petitions.