Sunday, February 05, 2017

Chinnamma becomes periamma

OPS has again resigned, now paving the way for Sasikala. AIADMK has innovated the post of PICM, permanent interim chief minister. O.Panneerselvam fits the position to a T.

OPS may again be forced to become CM as and when Chinnamma is convicted in any of the many criminal cases pending against her. Many have questioned her fitness to become Chief Minister. She has criminal cases not only against her, but against all members of her family. If this is not qualification enough, what is?

Sasikala has promised to fulfil Jayalalithaa's dreams. "I am under compulsion to fulfil the dreams of our Amma." That is why she sacked the former secretaries who were advising Jayalalithaa.

Jaya never gave any position to Sasikala. In order to complete the task which Jaya could not do, Sasikala has taken up both General Secretaryship of the party and Chief Ministership. Jaya's soul would be mightily pleased.

If any straightforward judge convicts Sasikala, the entire state will rise in protest against the injustice. Will any judge dare to risk such disorder in society?

Sonia Gandhi made the supreme sacrifice of denying herself prime-ministership and preferred to act through the proxy Manmohan Singh. Sasikala makes the even more supreme sacrifice of coming out in the open to enrich the Mannargudi Mafia. Historians will keep wondering whose sacrifice is more praise-worthy.

There are striking similarities between Soniaji and Sasikala. Both started their working life in entertainment-related activities. Both became prominent by their association with outstanding leaders. In both cases, the leaders did not want to assign any political / public role to their associates. Both suffer from the pangs of duty to serve others !

Sonia could not become PM perhaps because of her non-Indian origin. Chinnamma is however not deterred by her possible conviction by courts.

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