Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Chaos in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Governor is under a severe test. Ch.Vidyasagar Rao who is now the Governor of both Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu is known for speedy response. But the convoluted political happenings in TN force him to adopt a cautious approach. He accepted the resignation of OPS with celerity, but got bogged down when Sasikala staked her claim to chief ministership.

Legal, political and moral issues are intertwined in the ongoing drama. The governor cannot refuse to entertain the claim of the leader having the support of a majority of MLAs namely Sasikala. However, he cannot be hustled to agree to a particular day for administration of oath. Now that the chief minister, OPS has rebelled against Sasikala, the governor is expected to take into consideration a larger political picture apart from Sasikala's claim of support of overwhelming majority of ADMK MLAs.

In such political muddy waters, legal issues start attracting special attention. Hence, the governor now cannot escape factoring the impending SC judgment while arriving at a decision. It is tempting to blame Vidyasagar Rao for the delay in acceding to Sasikala's request to be sworn in. Recent events have justified the cautious approach of the governor.

It is now Sasikala vs OPS. OPS is bound to lose in this battle since very few MLAs will be ready to take the risk of losing the remaining four years of power. Supporting Sasikala or surrendering to her unethical ways will be more rewarding to the AIADMK MLAs than yielding to conscience (?) and bolstering OPS.

Panneerselvam 'unburdened' his conscience at the Jaya memorial yester-night. Though it contained elements of histrionics, OPS has enough decency left in him for this action to look credible in the public eye. But the battle has to be fought in the Assembly where conscience and ethics appear to be irrelevant.

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