Monday, February 13, 2017

Decoding the judgment

A few minutes after the Yamagandam ended on Tuesday, February 14th the Supreme Court reversed the blatantly wrong judgment of the Karnataka HC and upheld the bold and righteous verdict of the trial judge, d'Cunha.

Is this a cause for celebration or sober introspection? The judgment shows up the following saddening aspects of our polity:

1) Jayalalithaa who ruled Tamil Nadu for more than a decade has been pronounced corrupt by the highest court since she was the main accused in various charges. It may be culturally incorrect to blame the dead, but facts are bitter. Corruption may not dilute one's charisma in a democracy.

2) Justice will be delivered, but only ultimately. We may have to be patient for more than two decades.

3) A dishonest judge can easily torpedo justice through deceptive reasoning, however flimsy it may be. Even faulty arithmetic is a useful tool for venal judges. Will the HC judge who blundered so infamously and cocked a snook at justice be ever brought to book?

4) If justice is so shifty even in such an open and shut case, how do we get relief in so many other cases where the culprits act more cleverly and cover their tracks dexterously?

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