Thursday, February 11, 2016

R.K.Pachauri and Shashi Tharoor

R.K.Pachauri and Shashi Tharoor are adept at cocking a snook at our criminal justice system. Any person of ordinary prudence who is aware of what has happened would definitely conclude that these two highnesses are guilty of grave offences which merit long imprisonment and perhaps even capital punishment especially in the case of the latter. But unfortunately, they are allowed to roam around freely and in the case of Tharoor to keep visiting various places abroad as if they are model citizens.

Apart from their sickening immorality, what troubles an ordinary mind is the abject discrimination practised by the police and even judiciary. Some victims of Pachauri's lasciviousness have complained to the police. Police is only dragging their feet. The Delhi Police Commissioner periodically announces some 'development' in the Sunanda Pushkar gruesome murder case only to be followed by a long period of silence. It appears that the police is only waiting for some report from AIIMS or some other body to declare that they are unable to proceed further.

If Pachauri and Tharoor are ordinary citizens, they would be languishing in jail now. Judiciary which is ever so keen to recognise, suo-moto, cases of contempt of court has not found it necessary to arrest the virile and vicious  progress of  shamelessness and cruelty in these cases.

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