Saturday, February 06, 2016

Black Lives Matter, so do Dalits'

Time magazine refers to BLM as a new civil rights movement that is turning a protest cry into a political force. Agitation by Dalit students in the University of Hyderabad bears some resemblance to this.

In Novenber, 2015 the President of the University of Missouri was forced to quit by aggrieved students. The Vice-Chancellor of UoH is now facing a similar situation.

Georgetown University is renaming two buildings named after former university presidents who sold slaves. Princeton University is considering disowning one of its alumni, President Woodrow Wilson whose racist views are well known.

There is no one-to-one parallel. The similarity is that social injustice begets massive social movements over time. Unfortunately, in India, politicians hijack the genuine movements and run them aground. Dalits should be wary about their leaders and 'political friends and saviours'.

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