Saturday, February 27, 2016

Innocent terrorists?

Ishrat Jahan is back in the news. The UPA government initially said she was a terrorist in an affidavit filed with the Gujarat High Court and then revised its stand and filed another affidavit disowning the view that she was a terrorist. The then Home Secretary, G.K.Pillai has confirmed that the changed stance was because of political pressure.

Needle of suspicion is obviously pointing towards the then Home Minister, P.Chidambaram. Therefore he needs to be questioned. He has also claimed that he is of the view that Afzal Guru need not have been subjected to capital punishment. What was he doing as a Cabinet minister when Guru was hanged? There are also allegations that his son engages in laundering money.

Though cases have been filed against Dayanidhi Maran for a money-laundering exercise, NDA government may go soft with Chidambaram in a game of give and take with Congress. We will only keep witnessing shenanigans by these politicians again and again.

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