Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Justice Karnan

It is deeply disappointing that the Noam Chomskys of the world have not yet rushed to the succour of Justice C.S.Karnan of the Madras High Court.

Karna (alias Radheya) of Mahabharata invited social opprobrium because of his (mistaken) social status. Justice Karnan claims that he is oftentimes insulted by his brother and sister judges because he belongs to Scheduled Caste. As incontrovertible proof, he lets us know that once in a gathering, a judge sat cross-legged in his presence and even dared to let his foot touch Justice Karnan ! It speaks of Justice Karnan's enormous tolerance that he did not ,suo moto, take it as contempt of court. He mentioned this to the Chief Justice who had the temerity to ignore this criminal offence.

It is not only charity that begins at home. Justice also does so. That is why Justice Karnan had no compunction in himself staying the Collegium's order transferring him to Kolkata. Why should he be transferred when so many other judges would remain where they are? If the Collegium is keen to utilise his services, should it not have elevated him to the Supreme Court? If Justice K.G.Balakrishnan were the Chief Justice, he would have been elevated to ensure social justice.

One may argue that Noam Chomsky may not be aware of the gross injustice that is being perpetrated now and that that is why he has not yet signed a representation. This is a fallacious argument because he has the superior wisdom to give his assent to a demand on JNU happenings though he is unaware of what is happening. (If he is aware, he is guilty of espousing an unlawful demand.)

Some may say that it is never too late for Noam Chomskys to petition. That is barking up the wrong tree. It is never 'too early' to sign such petitions. Such conscientious petitioners are ever willing to petition against events which may not even have occurred. One shudders to think what a calamitous tragedy would have happened to India if altruists like Chomsky had preferred not to act as India's permanent sentinel to safeguard justice. Therefore, it is worrisome that Noam Chomsky has not yet intervened to protect the inalienable rights of Justice Karnan.

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