Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Whither BJP ?

It may be too early to raise this question. At the same time, it is better to spot the danger signals at the earliest.

There was a theft in the house of a BJP MP, Giriraj Singh of Bihar. He was earlier a minister in Nitish Kumar's cabinet. The 'Honourable' MP duly reported the theft to the police. The complaint registered with the police mentioned theft of around Rs.50,000 and some jewels.

The police caught the thief and recovered Rs. 1.20 crore apart from jewels from him allegedly stolen from MP. Let us see how the party with a difference deals with this.

Amit Shah has become the president of BJP. Narendra Modi strengthens his hold on the party. This will stifle whatever meaningful dissent is left in the party. Success in the long run depends on respect for dissent. Any attempt to bulldoze one's views on the party will prove adverse in course of time. But then politicians are politicians.

Politicians never cease to entertain us. A former chief minister of Karnataka has demanded a neat sum of Rs.20 crore for a nomination to Legislative Council. The Congress yuvraj, Rahul Gandhi was found sleeping during a discussion in the Lok Sabha. Now the Congress spokespersons have been given the unenviable job of denying the obvious. Of course, they are not new to this comedy.

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